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General notice.

It has been widely reported in recent days that Mr George Rusu, who was convicted for reckless flying of a model aircraft near the borders of Heathrow Airport, was a member of LHMFC. Mr Rusu is not and has never been a member of this club, and we have good reason to believe he is not even a member of BMFA.

We are investigating how this was recorded as evidence during his case without any fact-checking, and how the media subsequently picked it up without verifying the facts as authentic with ourselves. LHMFC prides itself for good practice and safe flying of all model aircraft, and has done so since the club was founded over 40 years ago. We, like the nearby Cranford and Hanworth model flying clubs, have existed in the Heathrow area for many years without any incidents. We continue to encourage our members to remain diligent and respectful of other users of the air space, and to conform to the CAA and BMFA guidelines and regulations that help ensure we can all continue to enjoy its use.